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I know I can let one element resize through css3 resize property:

resize: both;
overflow: auto

but can I catch the resize event? like:

element.addEventListener('resize', fn, false);

I try this, but it doesn't work, is there other way to do this kind of job?

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As per this answer, you may try:

var addEvent = function(elem, type, eventHandle) {
    if (elem == null || elem == undefined) return;
    if ( elem.addEventListener ) {
        elem.addEventListener( type, eventHandle, false );
    } else if ( elem.attachEvent ) {
        elem.attachEvent( "on" + type, eventHandle );
    } else {


addEvent(element, 'resize', fn);    // you may want to try 'onresize'
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you can use Jquery .resize( handler(eventObject) ) executed on window resize:

 $(window).resize(function() {
     $('#log').append('<div>Handler for .resize() called.</div>');
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