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I have an error in sending data using textbox by POST to data base ERROR IS"NOTICE:UNDEFINED INDEX ON LINE"

How can I solve this problem ?

This is my code :

$con = mysql_connect("localhost","root","");

mysql_select_db("hello", $con);

$result = mysql_query("SELECT Max(id) as id from `aoa` WHERE 1");

$row = mysql_fetch_array($result);

    echo $row['id'];





$sql="INSERT INTO aoa(id,name,clss)
if (!mysql_query($sql,$con))
   die('Data InsertionError: ' . mysql_error());
echo "Successfully Registered";



Notice: C:\wamp\www\Register.php line 31 - Undefined index:  clss
Notice: C:\wamp\www\Register.php line 31 - Undefined index:  name
Notice: C:\wamp\www\Register.php line 17 - Undefined variable: v
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Hey, look - SQL Injection! Leaked database connections! – Dominic Rodger Nov 30 '09 at 10:12
Can you post your form code please – Ben Everard Nov 30 '09 at 10:13
possible duplicate of PHP: "Notice: Undefined variable" and "Notice: Undefined index" – Waleed Khan Dec 25 '12 at 11:04

The issue with v being undefined is on this line


When $v isn't set, it is not "". You could use for example

if( !isset($v) ){

Also, check your post flags using var_dump()


That way you can see if you have 'clss' and 'name' set, which I suspect they aren't.

Your code at present is also vulnerable to a sql injection, you should use mysql_real_escape_string on all variables before using them in sql.
Even better use something like PDO

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This is not an error, it is a notice. You receive them because the error_reporting php.ini directive is set so. You can eliminate it by declaring the variables before use.

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You just haven't declared your variables clss, name and v yet... At the top of your script add something like

$_POST['clss'] = null;
$_POST['name'] = null;
$v = null;

Besides you have some errors in your code. $_POST values must be provided with single or double quotes like $_POST['clss'] or $_POST["name"]. Otherwise your script will not function the way you intend it.

That should do it.

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It is not required that array indexes be surrounded by quotes. It is very good practice to though. – Yacoby Nov 30 '09 at 10:21
since thats neater imo it's better to do so, besides, when you're using a decent editor your code gets easier to read too ;) – Ben Nov 30 '09 at 10:23
since he gets clss and name in POST and inserts them into DB it probably isn't a good idea to set them to null at the top of his script, don't you think ? totally agree on the quotes around indexes though – jab11 Nov 30 '09 at 11:31

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