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I am trying to create a batch file that verifies all the javascripts except the ones with .min.js in their extension. I am seeing that my_file only gets value of one file. It is always the same, whereas when I echo %%~nxf, it always changes.

@echo off

for /r %cd% %%f in (*.js) do (
    set my_file=%%~nxf
    set fileNoMin=%file:.min=%
    if %file% == %fileNoMin% (
            echo ********** Verifying %%~nxf **********
        cscript /nologo JsLint\jslint-for-wsh.js %%f

Please help me with this :)- What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance :)

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inside a code block you need dalayed expansion and !variables!:


for /r "%cd%" %%f in (*.js) do (
     set "my_file=%%~nxf"
     set "fileNoMin=!my_file:.min=!"
     if "!my_file!"=="!fileNoMin!" (
                echo ********** Verifying %%~nxf **********
          cscript /nologo JsLint\jslint-for-wsh.js %%f
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