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I am looking for a module that will help me build an Approval Database. My thought is having a members only site, say 5 different departments (which each member will belong to one of the 5 departments). Have all departments having a say in a project. Each department would approve or reject a version (reject meaning there are changes needed). Once every department approves or rejects, then the project will be approved (if approvals for all departments), or ready and wait for version 2 or 3 or 4 and so on (if there are rejections and issues for following versions). If rejected, there would be a form where the rejecting department could list the issues that need addressed. Once the issues were fixed, a member could click a "complete" button from a radio button or select list. If a department approved in a previous version, they would have some kind of carryover approval where they would not have to approve every time there was a new version. Does anyone know of a module that would point me in the right direction or would have some sort of idea how to achieve this? thanks for your help in advance!

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Use the Drupal core Revisions and Workflow modules (See also the Related Modules on the bootom right page of the Workflow module to get some alternatives). The 5 departments can be a 5 user Roles and the permissions can be handled by Field_permissions module. Issues can be Comments below each project. Of course, each Project can (and should) be a Node.

In any case, the functionality you describe needs a good knowledge of Drupal and can be done using several modules and approaches.

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