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I have a basic homepage with a link that I would like to go to businesses/index.html.erb

<%= link_to("Go to businesses index page", {:controller=>"businesses", :action =>"index"}) %>

When I click on this link I get a routing error:

No route matches {:action=>"show", :controller=>"businesses"}

My routes.rb file looks like:

RailsProject::Application.routes.draw do
 get "welcome/index"

 root :to => 'welcome#index'

 get "businesses/index"
 resources :businesses

and rake routes gets me:

   welcome_index GET    /welcome/index(.:format)       welcome#index
      businesses GET    /businesses(.:format)          businesses#index
                 POST   /businesses(.:format)          businesses#create
    new_business GET    /businesses/new(.:format)      businesses#new
   edit_business GET    /businesses/:id/edit(.:format) businesses#edit
        business GET    /businesses/:id(.:format)      businesses#show
                 PUT    /businesses/:id(.:format)      businesses#update
                 DELETE /businesses/:id(.:format)      businesses#destroy
            root        /                              welcome#index
businesses_index GET    /businesses/index(.:format)    businesses#index

I am using rails version 3.2

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The problem was that in my businesses/index there was a line reading

<%= link_to 'show', business_path %>

that should have been

<%= link_to 'show', business_path(business) %>
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