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I'm using the tree collapse that comes with Twitter Bootstrap to build my menu. The issue I'm having is that I want all menu lists to be collapsed by default except for the one we are currently on. Here is an example of the menu: http://bootply.com/72086

So for example, if the user is currently on the Bootstrap --> Buttons --> Colors page, then all top level menus should be collapsed except for the Bootstrap --> Buttons --> Colors, and the Forms under Buttons should be collapsed as well. Anyone know how to do this?

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Try implementing your tree using:


Here is an example: jsfiddle

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After defining the on-click event, Toggle everything at the beginning to close or fold it.

//you already have this:
$('.tree-toggle').click(function () {
//add this line:

So we're telling it to "do everything" once at the beginning without waiting for anyone to click on it. You could change the toggle duration to whatever you want : in my case I want the user to get a glimpse of the many options available when the page loads, plus it gives a nice animation effect.

See working example: http://cssdeck.com/labs/fialo63a

To keep a selected one open, you could mark it with another class name and toggle that to open it after closing everything.


<li><label class="tree-toggle nav-header selected">Bootstrap</label>


//add this line:

..so this might come off as a round-about way, but we're folding everything, and then unfolding the "selected" ones when we load the page. Note: If your "selected" section that you want to keep open is not at top-level, then you're going to have to unfold all its parents also (ie, mark them also as "selected").

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