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Currently I am working on restoring saved grid preferences/configuration. This is more or less working beautifully, until we get to the last last step of performing that performs a column remap, $grid.jqGrid("remapColumns", perm, true, true); and what happens is that the reordered column-header-widths are out of sync with thier corresponding column-body-widths.

This remap does correctly display of both the column-header names and column-body data in the new order and based on user preferences.

However, what is wonky is the following. There are three columns: (1) Name (width: 200), (2) Id (width: 70), and (3) Alert (width: 60)

As stated the actual reorder of column headers and correspeond column body data is fine.

So that the original order:

                          Name       |  Id   | Alert
                          x          |  1    | a,c,d
                          y          |  2    | 
                          z          |  3    | c

Correctly remaps to new order, but (for purpose of visual example) as shown below the column-header-widths are out of sync with the the column-body-widths

                          Id         |  Name  | Alert
                          1  | x              | a,c,d
                          2  | y              | 
                          3  | z              | c

Each column contains the correct data, but now the following is happening with regard to the column widths.

Id column-header now has a column-header-width = 200 (incorrect width), and the Id column-body-width = 70 (correct width)

Name column-header now has a column-header-width = 70 (incorrect width) and the Name column-body-width = 200 (correct width).

Alert column is unaffected and is correctly sized width for both column-header (width = 60) and column-body (width = 60).

In working to resolve this issue, I believed that the updateColumns method was a good bet for syncing column-header-widths that were out of sync with corresponding column-body-widths. As stated here in the documentation, (http://www.trirand.com/jqgridwiki/doku.php?id=wiki%3amethods)

updateColumns - this synchronizes the width of the headers with the data. Useful when used with table drag and drop. This method should be used this way – Example: var mygrid=jQuery("#grid_id")[0]; mygrid.updateColumns();

However, after unsuccessful attempts to use updateColumns() and then some further digging, it turns out that this method is deprecated/removed from code as of jqGrid 3.8. We are currently using jqGrid version 4.4/4.5.

(preferred) How in the world can I fix this issue using the current version of the software both with regard to syncing the column-header-widths and column-body widths?

And/or where can I find jqGrid source code 3.7 so I can take a look at this method and possibly use it? While I have found previous versions of jqGrid, I just haven't been able to find versions <= 3.7.

At this point, there really is a huge need on my end for an efficient solution and clear guidance to nip this in the bud. Please let me know if any further clarifications or code are necessary.

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Still no forthcoming information from this forum or at the jqGrid forum. My current solution is to actually rebuild the grid on a page using the saved preference column order rather than re-order the base column names/models with jqGrid's remapColumn function. – vr6 Aug 19 '13 at 16:19
I'm having the same problem. For reference, the jqGrid forum post is here: trirand.com/blog/?page_id=393/help/… – mcw0933 Oct 30 '13 at 18:46

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