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Background: I have a Windows.Forms Database Application (a very big one, it uses Plugins for Data Sources, Renderers etc.) where I want to add an additional WPF Renderer. I tried to filter out the relevant Code parts. If more Code is needed i will post it.

Problem: In my OLEDB Data Source Plugin I generate a BindingSource (System.Windows.Forms) from a DataView:

BindingSource MySource = new BindingSource { DataSource = MyDataSet.Tables[MyTable].DefaultView };

I can bind it to a Windows Forms Control (within a Renderer Plugin which can access the BindingSource from the Data Source Plugin):

System.Windows.Forms.Binding MyBinding = new System.Windows.Forms.Binding(MyProperty, MyBindingSource, MyField);

When the Position of MyBindingSource changes, the Control gets updated.

Now I want to use the same BindingSource to update a WPF Control (within another Renderer Plugin):

System.Windows.Data.Binding MyWPFBinding = new System.Windows.Data.Binding(MyField);
MyWPFBinding.Source = MyBindingSource;
MyWPFBinding.UpdateSourceTrigger = UpdateSourceTrigger.PropertyChanged;
MyWPFControl.SetBinding(ContentControl.ContentProperty, MyWPFBinding);

It works once. No matter how the Position of MyBindingSource changes, it always binds the values from the first Row in the DataView.

My solution (cant post it as an answer for another 6 hours)

First, thanks to HighCore, I also moved the BindingSource from my OLEDB Plugin to my WinForms Renderer Plugin where it belongs. That also enabled my Program to create more than one View of the same DataTable!

And for WPF I did this.

Setup WPF Renderer:

CollectionViewSource MySource;
DataTable MyTable;
DataView MyView;

MyTable = *get table from OLEDB Plugin*;
MyView = MyTable.DefaultView;
MyView.Sort = *get table key from OLEDB Plugin* + " ASC";

ViewSource = new CollectionViewSource { Source = MyView };

Setup WPF Bindings:

MyBinding = new Binding(MyField);
MyBinding.Source = ViewSource.View;
MyBinding.UpdateSourceTrigger = UpdateSourceTrigger.PropertyChanged;

MyControl.SetBinding(ContentControl.ContentProperty, MyBinding);

Change Event from Main Application (fired indirectly from a Row Overview Plugin to select a Dataset in all Renderers):

DataRowView[] row = MyView.FindRows(CurrentIndex);

I just made sure to always use the same sorting for all Renderers and use unque Keys so i always find only one row when searching.

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winforms' databinding is laughable. WPF does not care about that. You should directly pass the DataTable to an ItemsControl.ItemsSource or whatever. Otherwise create a proper Data Model to bind to. –  HighCore Aug 12 '13 at 16:17
BTW, why in the world does your OLEDB DataSource plugin deal with winforms' stuff? You should properly separate your layers and you will not run into these issues. –  HighCore Aug 12 '13 at 16:19
I guess you are right. It updates nicely when i pass the DataTable and make changes to it. I still dont know how to select a specific row as I change the BindingSource.Position in the Main Application to select a Row. I should read up on how to correctly create a Data Model :( –  smoki Aug 12 '13 at 16:39
again, WPF does NOT CARE about BindingSource (whatever that is). Create a proper ViewModel for your WPF content and manipulate that. –  HighCore Aug 12 '13 at 16:41
@HighCore sounds interesting, I think you mean the ViewModel should have some property Position so that we can change it and the row position will change accordingly? This kind of model is interesting, however I don't think people who lack experience of WPF can do this easily. If you know how to do it, you should add an answer (the question is also tagged as WPF), I'm also interested in this problem. BTW to @smoki, if you work with WPF, try to do the way it works, avoid the old logic in winforms, that would be better, I also still try to adopt this :) –  King King Aug 12 '13 at 16:58

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