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This can't be too uncommon. I want to get a "fullPathAndFileName" value, that's not in my form, into a validator.

In one of my controllers I have a file renaming action:

def renameAction(fullPathAndFileName: String) = Action { implicit request =>
  val newRenameForm = renameForm.bindFromRequest()
    hasErrors = { form =>
      Redirect(routes.TestApp.renderFormAction(fullPathAndFileName)).flashing("error" -> "New filename must be unused and cannot be empty.")
    success = { newFileName =>

Here's my validator:

private val renameForm: Form[String] = Form("newFileName" -> nonEmptyText.verifying({txt => dupeNotFound(txt)}))

private def dupeNotFound(newFileName: String) = { !Asset.findAsset(replaceFileNameOfAsset(fullPathAndFileName, newFileName)) }

So this code won't compile, because fullPathAndFileName is not defined. How can I let the validator use that value?

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Make renameForm a function that takes a String as argument and returns a Form[String], then just pass fullPathAndFileName to it. Then, of course, make sure that dupeNotFound also gets the passed in string so it can use it. – Jakob Aug 13 '13 at 13:36
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Posting as answer instead of just commenting...anyway, this should work if I understand things correctly...

val newRenameForm = renameForm(fullPathAndFileName).bindFromRequest()

And the validator...

private val renameForm: (String) => Form[String] = (fullPathAndFileName: String) => Form("newFileName" -> nonEmptyText.verifying({txt => dupeNotFound(fullPathAndFileName,txt)}))

private def dupeNotFound(fullPathAndFileName: String, newFileName: String) = { !Asset.findAsset(replaceFileNameOfAsset(fullPathAndFileName, newFileName)) }
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Awesome assistance, and your solution works great. I need to consult with my neurologist on how to fix my brain to think more "functionally". Just a small correction to your code though, based on my actual implementation: private val renameForm: (String) => Form[String] = (fullPathAndFileName: String) => Form( ... ... the type has to be changed to a functional type. Will try to edit your answer. – sdanzig Aug 13 '13 at 16:31

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