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I would like to pars url after form submit. I have simple form:

form(method='post', action='/recipe/create')
        label(for='recipeTitle') Tytuł przepisu:
        input(type='text', name='recipeTitle', id='recipeTitle')
        label(for='photoFileName') Nazwa zdjęcia:
        input(type='text', name='photoFileName', id='photoFileName')

After submit this code is executed.

exports.create = function(req, res){
   var url = require('url'); 
   var url_parts = url.parse(req.url, true);   

My question is why console shows empty query

{ protocol: null,
  slashes: null,
  auth: null,
  host: null,
  port: null,
  hostname: null,
  hash: null,
  search: '',
  query: {},
  pathname: '/recipe/create',
  path: '/recipe/create',
  href: '/recipe/create' }
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This happens because you're posting to an URL which doesn't have a query string - /recipe/create.

Also, you seem to be using Express, which will give you the current query string already parsed:

// GET /search?q=tobi+ferret
// => "tobi ferret"

// GET /shoes?order=desc&shoe[color]=blue&shoe[type]=converse
// => "desc"

// => "blue"

// => "converse"


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Thanks for respond but is there any way to intercept data from submited form? –  Seven Aug 12 '13 at 18:24
The form data will be available under req.body –  gustavohenke Aug 12 '13 at 18:32
Yes, I realised that after my comment :). My point is that when i would like to add dynamicly fields to a form this is not so easy –  Seven Aug 12 '13 at 18:42
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