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Is there a managed class/method that would provide the TCP port number(s) used by a particular Windows processes?

I'm really looking for a .NET equivalent of the following CMD line:

netstat -ano |find /i "listening"
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Except for PID, take a look this:

IPGlobalProperties ipProperties = IPGlobalProperties.GetIPGlobalProperties();

IPEndPoint[] endPoints = ipProperties.GetActiveTcpListeners();
TcpConnectionInformation[] tcpConnections = 

foreach (TcpConnectionInformation info in tcpConnections)
    Console.WriteLine("Local: {0}:{1}\nRemote: {2}:{3}\nState: {4}\n", 
        info.LocalEndPoint.Address, info.LocalEndPoint.Port,
        info.RemoteEndPoint.Address, info.RemoteEndPoint.Port,

Source: Netstat in C#

A bit more research bring this: Build your own netstat.exe with c#. This uses P/Invoke to call GetExtendedTcpTable and using same structure as netstat.

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See here for an equivalent of netstat in C#: http://towardsnext.wordpress.com/2009/02/09/netstat-in-c/

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