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When I started with my simple project I didn't use any repository to store changes. I just created a backups with simple ZIP files. I have many of them like this:

  • backup_1_added_feature_a.zip
  • backup_2_added_feature_b.zip
  • ...
  • backup_N_added_feature_z.zip

At some point I switched to GIT. The first commit I made from my last ZIP sources, and I have already some new commits done:

origin/master: (C1)<-(C2)<-(C3) ...

( C1 == backup_N_added_feature_z.zip )

Now I would like to add my backup zip's in to the main trunk like this:

origin/master: (zip1)<-(zip2)<-(zip3) ... (zipN)<-(C1)<-(C2)<-(C3) ...

Is it possible in GIT?

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You can just commit them and then use git rebase to reorder commits. –  AlexD Aug 12 '13 at 18:24

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There's a manual way to do it.

git checkout --orphan newroot
git rm -rf .
# unzip zip1 to project directory
git add .
git commit  -m 'zip1'
# unzip zip2 to project directory
git add .
git commit  -m 'zip2'
git rebase --onto newroot --root master
git branch -d newroot

You can replace manual unpacking/adding/commiting of zip folder with a bash for loop, obviously.

See http://stackoverflow.com/a/647451/2578489 for explanation.

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