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Using Spring Integration:

When a message is received it should go to one of 4 different channels based on an attribute in the message. If a specific field in the message begins with A-F it should go to channel 1, G-M to channel 2, etc.

What is the most efficient way to do this? If it can be visually represented in the STS designer, it is a big plus. Thanks a lot

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As discussed in the answes to the same question on the Spring Forum, the most efficient would be a POJO router

<router ... ref="myRouter" .../>

where the POJO would return a reference to a MessageChannel or a channel name.

But the integration graph won't connect the router to the channels.

You can use a <recipient-list-router/> with selector expressions; it will show up nicely in STS, but will be less efficient because the expressions would all be evaluated.

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