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I have two tables:

PK      Alpha    Critter   Etc 
1        A      zebra     apple
2        C      lion      orange
3        R      giraffe   banana
4        D      gopher    pear

PK      Alpha   Animal    Misc
1       D       beaver    kiwi
2       D       camel     avacado

I need this result:

PK      Alpha    Critter  Etc
22      A       zebra    apple
23      C       lion     orange
24      R       giraffe  banana
25      D       gopher   pear
26      D       beaver   kiwi
27      D       camel    avacado

If the value of TableA.Alpha equals more than one TableC.Alpha with the same value the Select would be:

Select TA.Alpha, TA.Critter, TA.Etc
From TableA TA


Select TC.Alpha, TC.Animal, TC.Misc
From TableC TC

on separate rows (3 rows in the above example)

Otherwise it is just

Select TA.Alpha, TA.Critter, TA.Etc
From TableA TA

(one row)

I might use CTE. Something like:

With T_CTE (Alpha,CountAlpha)
TC. Alpha, COUNT(TC.Alpha) as CountAlpha
HAVING (COUNT(TC.Alpha) > 1 ))

Select TA.Alpha, TA.Critter, TA.Etc
From TableA TA
case when T_CTE.Alpha is not null then...else...end
left join T_CTE on T_CTE.Alpha = TA.Alpha

TableA.Alpha is unique. TableC.Alpha is not unique.

Am I able to call another select for addtional rows? Is there a better approach? I've also thought of creating temp tables and selecting from them. This is part of a larger query, but I want to focus on this part now. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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"TableA.Alpha equals more than one TableC.Alpha" Do you mean for each value of PK? Your example just looks like a UNION –  Goat CO Aug 12 '13 at 19:02
I meant for each value of PK in TableA. Alpha in TableA is unique. Alpha is not unique in TableC. I edited. –  user2525015 Aug 12 '13 at 19:22
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Something like

;with cte as (
  select A.Alpha, count(*) as cnt
  from TableA as A
      inner join TableC as C on C.Alpha = A.Alpha
  group by A.Alpha
  having count(*) > 1
select A.Alpha, A.Critter, A.Etc
from TableA as A
union all
select C.Alpha, C.Animal, C.Misc
from TableC as C
where C.Alpha in (select T.Alpha from cte as T)

sql fiddle demo - I've added one row to TableC to check if it would include it

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Thanks. That should work. I have to work it into a much larger query. I'll post another reply later. –  user2525015 Aug 12 '13 at 19:26
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