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I am trying to implement a simple server reply in Perspective Broker.

Possible implementation (please suggest others if possible):

Client requests server to execute a server method, Server executes then replies (by executing a client method whose sole purpose is to print a message):


class ClientPrint(pb.Referenceable):
    def remote_clientprint(self, message):
        print "Printing the message from the server: ", message


class RootServerObject(pb.Root):
    def remote_OneFunc(self, ...):
        print "Now sending the reply..."
       *get ClientPrint object?*
       clientprintobj.callRemote("clientprint", "this is the reply!")

How can I implement the grabbing of client-side objects? Is there a better way to implement server replies than grabbing a client-side object and calling a print-only client method?

Here is the full code where I am trying to implement the replies:


from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.spread import pb

class Client():
    def __init__(self, addr, port, spec):
        self.addr = None
        self.port = None
        self.SomeData = None

    def connect(self, addr, port):
        factory = pb.PBClientFactory()
        reactor.connectTCP(addr, port, factory)
        def1 = factory.getRootObject()
        def1.addCallbacks(self.got_obj, self.err_obj)

    def got_obj(self, rootsrvobj):
        print "Got root server obj:", rootsrvobj
        self.server = rootsrvobj
        def2 = self.server.callRemote("SomeFunc", SomeData)

    def err_obj(self, reason):
        print "Error getting root server obj:", reason

def cmdsub(addr, port, SomeData):
    c = Client(addr, port, SomeData)
    c.connect(addr, port)


class RootServerObject(pb.Root):
    def __init__(self):
        self.DataOut = None

    def remote_SomeFunc(self, SomeData):
        self.DataOut = hash(SomeData)
        print "Now sending reply..."
        *implement a reply?*

Perhaps there are some more advanced Twisted (or Twisted PB) features that will make this simpler.



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The simplest way to do this is to take the client-side object that the server needs to use and pass it to the server. Almost any solution I can think of has this at its core.

Change your client's got_obj method to be something more like this:

def got_obj(self, rootsrvobj):
    print "Got root server obj:", rootsrvobj
    self.server = rootsrvobj
    def2 = self.server.callRemote("SomeFunc", self, SomeData)

And change the implementation of remote_SomeFunc to be something more like this:

def remote_SomeFunc(self, client, SomeData):
    self.DataOut = hash(SomeData)
    print "Now sending reply..."
    client.callRemote("client_print", "Here is your reply")

You might want to investigate Twisted Cred as a more structured way to manage references to your client object - but cred is just building on this exact feature of Perspective Broker to provide its more abstract, more featureful interface.

However, notice that I said "almost" above...

Keep in mind that Twisted's implementation of Perspective Broker has well-integrated support for Deferreds. If a remote_ method returns a Deferred then no response will be sent to the method call until the Deferred fires and then the result will be sent as the result of the method call. You might consider putting the logic of client_print into a callback on the Deferred returned by self.server.callRemote("SomeFunc", SomeData) and making the server's remote_SomeFunc return the reply, either synchronously or asynchronously (as a Deferred).

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