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I'm new to Backbone.js and have been trying to understand three things: 1) How and where to call a custom JSON request? 2) How to translate that JSON request into a model? 3) How to create a collection of those models?

My JSON looks something like this:

{"flavor": "vanilla", 
 "message": "ok", 
 "count": 10,
 "rows": [{"data":["this", "is", "123", "something"],
           "moreData": "more stuff here",
           "moreInfo": "more info here"},
          {"data":["even", "more", "456", "something"],
           "moreData": "even more stuff here",
           "moreInfo": "even more info here"},
          {"data":["it", "doesn't", "123", "end"],
           "moreData": "more and more stuff here",
           "moreInfo": "more and more info here"}]

I want to have each "data" be an Item. I want a List to contain many Items.

I have to make a custom JSON request (not via $.ajax or anything like that - it is in a separate library that has to be called via a specific function, that provides a callback option) - do I make this call in the Backbone.Model or the Backbone.View?

Basically the JSON response format that I will be getting is not within my control, hence the messy sample above. I'd like to format some of this JSON into nicer attributes as a bonus. I was hoping to do it in the Item model.

How can I translate that request into a model? If I have to modify certain attributes?

How can I create a collection of those models? So far I have

    var ItemList = Backbone.Model.extend({


    var ItemLists = Backbone.Collection.extend({

      model: ItemList,


    var ItemView = Backbone.View.extend({

      el: $("#dashboard"),

      template: _.template($("#item-template")),

      initialize: function(){

      render: function(){
        var item = new Item();
        var content = this.template(item);

Please help, any Backbone.js experts. This should be a relatively straightforward question for someone experienced!

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var ItemList = Backbone.Model.extend({
    parse: function(response) {
        // response = {"data":["this", "is", "123", "something"],
        // "moreData": "more stuff here",
        // "moreInfo": "more info here"}
        // You can make additional changes here
        return response;

var ItemLists = Backbone.Collection.extend({

  model: ItemList,
  parse: function(response) {
      return response.rows;


Is this what you were thinking? This takes the rows and makes each one into an ItemList. You can do other manipulation within the parse, if needed. Then you can set the url and use fetch.

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