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I have the following model:

App.Service = DS.Model.extend(App.NodeMixin, {
    properties : DS.belongsTo('App.ServiceProperties'),

properties is an embedded property:

App.Adapter.map('App.Service', {
    properties: {embedded: 'always'}

Whenever I want to create a new service, I create also the properties:

this.transaction = this.get('store').transaction();
var entry = this.transaction.createRecord(App.Service, {});
var properties = App.ServiceProperties.createRecord();
entry.set('properties', properties);

But when saving the Service, I get two POST requests:

  1. to api/service, as expected. In the hash I can verify that the properties are embedded.
  2. an unexpected POST request to api/service_propertiess (with double s, with the same properties as the embedded ones)

This only happens when creating new records, not when updating existing ones. What can I do to avoid this spurious POST request?

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