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Hi please see the specification for a State diagram below...

I've attached my own attempt but I'd like to know how to I accomplish the transitions I have bolded? (I know I haven't added the first one yet to my diagram)

Should I connect this to the closed state or is just stating what will happen sufficent?

Create a State Diagram for a Customer Order, as described below.

The main states of a customer order are (in this sequence): • pending (initial state, while stock levels are being checked) • confirmed (only if the order can be fulfilled with available stock) • filled (the order has been packaged ready for shipping) • shipped (received by the customer but not paid) • invoiced (the customer has received the goods) • paid (the customer has paid the amount due in full) • closed (final state) Other information:

An order can only transition from pending to confirmed if the customer’s credit rating is greater than or equal to the order total.

Every time an order enters the state confirmed, a message is sent to the warehouse to pack the order.

At any stage before shipping the order can be cancelled by the customer, in which case it is consider to be closed.

If customer pays an instalment, the order is only transitioned to the state paid when the final payment is made.

Every time an order transitions from paid to closed, a message to that effect is sent to the Accounts System, and the order is closed.

Please see images of my own attempt...


enter image description here

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You started well, but I would rather simplify your diagram to draw only the conectors that mean transitions among states. If the state does not change it is not represented the required actions in order to the transitions to happen. The full diagram according the specs is presented below:

state diagram

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Here's an alternative solution:

enter image description here

A few things to note:

  • The transition from Pending to Confirmed has a no event but has a guard condition. It says: this transition fires automatically - but requires the guard condition to be true.
  • Your spec doesn't say what should happen if the Customer's credit rating isn't OK. You would need to ask your customer (teacher/lecturer/whatever)
  • Notifying the warehouse is depicted as an entry action on the Confirmed state. It could also have been modelled as an action on the transition into the state. However the wording in your question is quite specific, hence the use of an Entry action.
  • There are guard conditions on the transitions out of the Invoiced state. It should be clear how they work.
  • You don't say what event triggers the transition from Paid to Closed.
  • Notifying the accounts dept has been modelled as an action on the transition. Again this is because the wording in your question is quite specific.

I've deliberately not covered cancelling the order as I suspect this is homework. It can be modelled quite elegantly by using a Superstate. I'd encourage you to do some research and ask in comments if you need more help.


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