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I've made a footer nav that Toggles hidden content onclick - this works beautifully on the desktop but is really jerky on the iPad.

The animation uses a slideToggle to bring the hidden content into view, a scrollTop to slide the page down (to view the opened content) and a hide, to make sure that if the user has opened any of the other nav li's, these get closed as the new nav item opens.

(I've also added a mouseOut to close any open toggles when the user moves the mouse out of the nav but that doesn't effect the iPad)

My code for the nav for each individual li is like this:

<li onclick="jQuery('#legal').slideToggle('slow'); jQuery('#shipping, #trade, #press, #contact').hide('slow'); jQuery('html,body').animate({scrollTop: jQuery(document).height() }, 1000);">LEGAL</li>

I'm not sure that writing my code this way is the most elegant but it works well for my needs.

Can anyone suggest how I can make the animations smoother?

I've looked at http://playground.benbarnett.net/jquery-animate-enhanced/ which looks like it should help me by adding CSS3 but I can't work out how exactly I'd make it work with the code I'm using.

I've been working on this for hours but have made no headway - any help would be vastly appreciated!

Many thanks in advance!

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