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Say I have a string that = Grilled Cheese

How would I echo the string without the space between Grilled Cheese with out changing the string?

Also if I had a string that variables but will always have a space, like a full name. I can show the first letter of the string:

WScript.Echo Left(strUserName, 1) will echo for example G

but how could I show the name after the space (= Cheese). Keep in mind the name after the space may change like "Cheesy" for example

WScript.Echo Mid(strUserName,null) does not work


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The Replace function can be used to remove characters from a string. If you just echo the return value without assigning it back to the variable, the original string will remain unchanged:

>>> str = "Grilled Cheese"
>>> WScript.Echo Replace(str, " ", "")
>>> WScript.Echo str
Grilled Cheese

Another option would be the Split and Join functions:

>>> str = "Grilled Cheese"
>>> WScript.Echo Join(Split(str, " "), "")
>>> WScript.Echo str
Grilled Cheese

Split will also allow you to echo just particular tokens from the original string:

>>> str = "Grilled Cheese"
>>> WScript.Echo Split(str, " ")(1)
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Thank you very much!! – Benjamin Jones Aug 12 '13 at 21:17

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