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I'm new to Haskell. I'm playing with QuickCheck tests, trying to test a simple function calculateStrengthSingle (see the source of testee below)

# Fighter.hs
module Fighter
( Quantity(Quantity)
, Fighter(TeamPlayer, LoneWolf, Polymorph)
, Strength(Strength)
, calculateStrengthSingle)

import System.Random

data Strength = Strength Double

instance Eq Strength where
    Strength s1 == Strength s2 =
        s1 == s2

instance Ord Strength where
    Strength s1 < Strength s2 =
        s1 < s2

data Quantity = Quantity Int deriving (Show)

instance Random Quantity where
    randomR (Quantity lo, Quantity hi) g =
        let rand = randomR (lo, hi) g
            (r, g1) = rand
        in (Quantity r, g1)
    random g =
        let rand = random g
            (r, g1) = rand
        in (Quantity r, g1)

data Fighter = TeamPlayer
             | LoneWolf
             | Polymorph
    deriving (Show)

calculateStrengthSingle :: Quantity -> Fighter -> Strength
calculateStrengthSingle (Quantity number) TeamPlayer =
    Strength(log (fromIntegral number))
calculateStrengthSingle _ _ = Strength 0.0

The test looks like this

# TestFighter.hs
import qualified Test.QuickCheck as QuickCheck
import Fighter

prop_StrengthPositive quantity fighter =
    Fighter.calculateStrengthSingle quantity fighter >= Strength 0.0

instance QuickCheck.Arbitrary Fighter.Fighter where
    arbitrary = QuickCheck.oneof([return Fighter.TeamPlayer, return Fighter.LoneWolf, return Fighter.Polymorph])

instance QuickCheck.Arbitrary Fighter.Quantity where
    arbitrary = QuickCheck.choose(Fighter.Quantity 1, Fighter.Quantity 10)

main :: IO()
main = do
    QuickCheck.quickCheck prop_StrengthPositive

When I do runhaskell TestFighter.hs there's output (1 test) (the number is changing, sometimes it's 0 other times it's 4) and CPU is 100% loaded. Nothing happens for a minute or so. When I interrupt the program by Ctrl+C, it spits out something like

^C*** Failed! Exception: 'user interrupt' (after 1 test):  
Quantity 2


  1. Where did I mess up?
  2. How can I debug cases of infinite calculation, like this one?
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You haven't defined the Ord instance for Strength correctly. You need to define <= and not <.

With only < defined the function <= enters into an infinite loop as it is defined in terms of compare and compare is defined in terms of <=. Minimal definition needs to define either compare or <=.

Here is the fixed code for Ord instance

instance Ord Strength where
    Strength s1 <= Strength s2 =
        s1 <= s2
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What about debugging such stuff? How can I figure out what do I miss? –  Michael Pankov Aug 13 '13 at 5:20
There is no general way of doing that. What I usually do is to use verboseCheck instead of quickCheck to see what are the tests it is failing on and then try to go through the test manually. That is how I found the Ord instance was the culprit in your case. –  Satvik Aug 13 '13 at 5:48

You could try running your test with -o 1 as a parameter, which causes a timeout after one second. It can then display the input that caused your program to hang. Its doesn't tell you exactly where the problem is, but its a good start.

EDIT: this is how I use test framework with cabal

test-Suite runTests
   hs-source-dirs:      src, test
   type:                exitcode-stdio-1.0
   main-is:             RunTests.hs

  build-depends:       base >= 3 && < 5,

To be complete in my description, I build using:

cabal-dev install --enable-tests
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In my GHC, -o is setting filename, not timeout –  Michael Pankov Aug 13 '13 at 5:23
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I use -o 1 as a runtime parameter, but I also use quickcheck wrapped with test-framework, so there may be a discrepancy between options here. –  OllieB Aug 13 '13 at 7:26
if you'd like to go down the test-framework road, look at test-framework-th, this minimises typing. –  OllieB Aug 13 '13 at 7:28
I like the test-framework! Thanks for the suggestion –  Michael Pankov Aug 13 '13 at 17:28
Maybe you can also link me a way to integrate the test-framework with cabal test? It seems like cabal only supports HUnit and QuickCheck by themselves, not the unifying test-framework. –  Michael Pankov Aug 14 '13 at 10:20

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