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In an existing java project that uses python (think python plugin for libre office)

would like to use mvn to install a pypi (Python Package Index). Right now we have the solution to package the tar in mvn and then use maven-dependency-plugin to unpack and maven-antrun-plugin to move the files into the python path (the libre office python path).

Any suggestions on a better way to manage this on Linux and Windows? Ideally it would be as simple as a maven plugin for pypi.

thanks for any input.

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what did you end up using or were successful? Would be interested in knowing your final solution – dtracers May 10 at 8:34
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I don't know if a maven plugin that can install pip package exist. But what you could do is use the maven-exec plug-in to invoke pip on a specific goal. Here is the documentation on the exec plug-in Hope it helped

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Thank you for your response, that would work. – user2646177 Aug 22 '13 at 17:28

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