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I've read it's not possible for iOS, but it is possible to control more than 1 ball at a time for android. But nothing about using 2 or more balls with 2 or more devices in the same area.

We'd love to use 3-5 of them in the same area with 3-5 android devices controlling 1 ball apiece.

I take it, if you had 3 different versions of your app, one on each device, will they conflict with one another? I doubt you could see a character on each of the other balls you aren't controlling. But if they'd still work in the same space we might still go for it.

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Yes, it is possible. Are you trying to do something like the game Tag?

Sphero Tag

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Epic guys, thanks! We're looking to make more of a racing/obstacle competition with half a dozen+ at large events. With a course and stuff. –  user1108224 Aug 14 '13 at 22:50
If you're looking for a good multiplayer library, we used PlayPhone for our Tag game. The multiplayer game in TwoPhonesOneBall isn't as stable as PlayPhone's. It will work though. –  Michael DePhillips Aug 28 '13 at 21:25

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