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For a built-in dialog like QInputDialog, I've read that I can do this:

text, ok = QtGui.QInputDialog.getText(self, 'Input Dialog', 'Enter your name:')

How can I emulate this behavior using a dialog that I design myself in Qt Designer? For instance, I would like to do:

my_date, my_time, ok = MyCustomDateTimeDialog.get_date_time(self)
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Here is simple class you can use to prompt for date:

class DateDialog(QDialog):
    def __init__(self, parent = None):
        super(DateDialog, self).__init__(parent)

        layout = QVBoxLayout(self)

        # nice widget for editing the date
        self.datetime = QDateTimeEdit(self)

        # OK and Cancel buttons
        self.buttons = QDialogButtonBox(
            QDialogButtonBox.Ok | QDialogButtonBox.Cancel,
            Qt.Horizontal, self)

    # get current date and time from the dialog
    def dateTime(self):
        return self.datetime.dateTime()

    # static method to create the dialog and return (date, time, accepted)
    def getDateTime(parent = None):
        dialog = DateDialog(parent)
        result = dialog.exec_()
        date = dialog.dateTime()
        return (date.date(), date.time(), result == QDialog.Accepted)

and to use it:

date, time, ok = DateDialog.getDateTime()
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