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I am new to boost and trying to write some simple programs to understand it. Here in the following piece of code I am trying to fill an array with random numbers. Here is my code:

    using namespace boost::lambda;
    boost::array<int,100> a;
    std::for_each(a.begin(), a.end(), _1=rand());

But it looks like rand() is getting evaluated only once and my array is containing the same values for every element. Can anybody point what is wrong with this code?

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You don't need to use boost::lambda to fill the array with random numbers, by the way. You could e.g. use std::generate(a.begin(), a.end(), &rand);. –  MP24 Nov 30 '09 at 13:05
may be I can do that, but still I would like to know why this approach won't work. –  Naveen Nov 30 '09 at 13:06

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Seems like you need to use delayed function call

std::for_each(a.begin(), a.end(), boost::lambda::_1= boost::lambda::bind(rand) );

Here is another interesting situation: Delaying constants and variables

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Thanks..that worked perfectly, I'll check on how delayed function calls work. –  Naveen Nov 30 '09 at 13:19

Your code is equivalent to the following one:

using namespace boost::lambda;


boost::array<int, 100> a;
int i = rand();

std::for_each(a.begin(), a.end(), _1=i);

What you want is rand to be invoked for each element; this is usually done using std::generate, as @MP24 noted in a comment:

std::generate(a.begin(), a.end(), rand);
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