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I'm trying to simulate:

WHERE x.IsActive = true OR x.Id = 5

The following causes 'AND' to be used... how do I simulate an 'OR' condition with IQueryable (qry) and my nullable int, given that other filtering might be involved as with the IsActive filter here?

            if (onlyActiveItems) //bool
                qry = qry.Where(x => x.IsActive == true);

            if (whenSpecifiedMustIncludeRecordWithThisId.HasValue) //int?
                qry = qry.Where(x => x.Id == whenSpecifiedMustIncludeRecordWithThisId.Value);

I have considered union but its seems the answer to this should be much simpler.

This is one solution which gets around the problem I get with "Nullable object must have a value" when trying the combined all in one answer. What causes the nullable to be evaluated when it is null otherwise?

            if (whenSpecifiedMustIncludeRecordWithThisId.HasValue)
                qry = qry.Where(x => (!onlyActiveItems || (onlyActiveItems && x.IsActive)) || x.Id == whenSpecifiedMustIncludeRecordWithThisId.Value);
                qry = qry.Where(x => (!onlyActiveItems || (onlyActiveItems && x.IsActive)));

It seems also in some cases the use of the nullable's .Value property makes a difference as seen in another question of mine here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1634992/linq-to-sql-int16-gets-converted-as-int32-in-sql-command

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Try this:

qry = qry.Where(x => (onlyActiveItems
                      ? x.IsActive
                      : false) ||
                      ? x.Id == whenSpecifiedMustIncludeRecordWithThisId
                      : false) ||
                     (!onlyActiveItems && !whenSpecifiedMustIncludeRecordWithThisId.HasValue));

Note that we're comparing an int? to an int, not two ints.

I am assuming here that the point of the query is to filter out if certain conditions are met.

  • If onlyActiveItems is true, it verifies whether the IsActive field is true
  • If whenSpecifiedMustIncludeRecordWithThisId.HasValue is true it verifies whether the value matches the Id field
  • If both are true it will logically OR the conditions
  • If both are false all records are displayed (if this is not the intent, you can remove the last condition)
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I'm getting "Nullable object must have a value" in the case when the int? is null. –  CRice Nov 30 '09 at 13:17
Give this revised solution a try –  Yannick Motton Nov 30 '09 at 13:21
Still no luck, I'm thinking maybe something else may be causing that but its very unusual –  CRice Nov 30 '09 at 13:33
I have added what is working so far... thanks for your help –  CRice Nov 30 '09 at 13:43
Sorry had a bit of the logic backwards, this should work as expected. –  Yannick Motton Nov 30 '09 at 14:17

When working with "int?" I usually compare them using object.Equals(i1, i2), for example

from r in cxt.table
where object.Equals(r.column, nullableInt)
select r

This avoids all nullable issues.

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