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So I have a handlebars helper that is very simple -

Handlebars.registerHelper('selectRow', (rowIndex, selectedIds) ->
  console.log 'row index'
  console.log rowIndex
  console.log selectedIds
  isSelected = _.indexOf(rowIndex, selectedIds)
  if isSelected > -1 
    return 'class="row-selected"'

and I have this handlebars code -

<div class="title">{{ title }}</div>
<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
    {{#each columns}}
    <th class="col-heading" data-heading="{{ this }}">{{ this }}</th>
    {{#each rows}}
        <tr {{#selectRow @index selected }}>
          {{#each this}}


the selected parameter is always undefined. If I add a {{ selected }} anywhere else, it shows an array, which, as you can see from below, it should -

data =
selected = @model.get('selection').get('selected')
  columns: @model.get('columns')
  rows: data
  title : @model.get('title')
  selected: JSON.stringify(selected)

How do I pass in the selected parameter correctly to my helper?

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You're using the selected variable inside a Handlebars each loop, so I imagine selected is not in scope.

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I think you're just a bit confused about how _.indexOf works. From the fine manual:

indexOf _.indexOf(array, value, [isSorted])

Returns the index at which value can be found in the array, or -1 if value is not present in the array.

So the array you're searching through, selectedIds, should be the first argument and the element you're searching for is the second. Perhaps you mean to say:

isSelected = _.indexOf(selectedIds, rowIndex)

or better (IMO):

isSelected = _(selectedIds).indexOf(rowIndex)

I generally find that using the _() function yields clearer code.

Also, shouldn't {{#selectRow @index selected }} be {{selectRow @index selected}}? A leading # should introduce a block but your helper is not written as a block helper.

Once both of the above issues have been fixed, sensible things seem to be happening for me:

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