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This macro seems to replace SNMPWRITEFUNC(w,x,y,z,q) with a function returning a static type SNMPWriteObject, but perhaps it is instead an overload of a SNMPWriteObject method? Quite obscure to me, so I would be grateful for the help of one more experienced in this area!

#define SNMPWRITEFUNC(w,x,y,z,q) static SNMPWriteObject R##w(x,y,z,q);
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It's just a convenience macro for generating a number of similar function prototypes, so if you write e.g.


it will be expanded to:

static SNMPWriteObject Rfoo(int,int,int,int);
static SNMPWriteObject Rbar(char,float,char,float);
static SNMPWriteObject Rblech(int,char,float,int);

Note that ## is commonly known as the token pasting operator.

Note also that the macro and examples above are not C++-specific - this could just as easily be C code.

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