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I'm trying to create my first ever (Android) app using Eclipse.

I've almost set up the AVD for the Samsung Galaxy SII (thanks to another question - Samsung Galaxy S II AVD (Android Virtual Device) Basic Settings?), but I am still encountering a problem, which prevents me from getting it to work.

Whenever I try and launch the simulator (using the AVD Manager), the following message comes up:

Starting emulator for AVD 'AVD_for_Samsung_Galaxy_SII_1'

emulator: ERROR: unknown skin name 'galaxy_s2'

I have a feeling it might be to do with where various files are stored/the directory where my Eclipse is set up. Any advice on how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you point to your android-sdk directory? Another idea is to create a custom emulator build. Saw it here. –  keyser Aug 12 '13 at 22:06

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Have you downloaded the skin into the skins folder? (..sdk directory.../platforms/android-10/skins)

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