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git rebase --interactive some_commit~

Gives me a list of commits from some_commit till HEAD.

git log --author some_author --oneline some_commit..

Gives me a list of commits by some_author from some_commit till HEAD.

How could I rebase with just the commits from second list? This is deleting commits not by some_author.


I found some way, but some step is missing from my mind:

git cherry-pick commit1 commit2 commit3 ...

How could I get commit1 commit2 commit3 ... if my output from second command is:

commit1 message1
commit2 message2
commit3 message3


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As you've found, cherry-pick is the way to do this. You can replace --oneline with --pretty=%H in your log command to have it list only the commit IDs. You'll likely want to add --reverse as well to get the commits listed from first to last, rather than from most recent to oldest as usual. You can do the entire thing in one command with:

git cherry-pick $(git log --pretty=%H --reverse --author some_author some_commit..)
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I have to solve conflicts in each step/commit, I am doing git checkout --ours . each time, is there an automatic way to do that?. Also, I am not sure what is happening here, are older commits applied first? –  juanpastas Aug 13 '13 at 3:15
My original would have tried to apply changes from newest to oldest, which would likely cause problems with conflicts. I've updated the answer to address that. –  qqx Aug 13 '13 at 16:42

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