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I have been testing some applications on a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Samsung Galaxy S. When the app crashes, I can't seem to gather the crash logs. I have tried many of the apps in the Android Market that are suppose to gather the logs, but none of them seem to work. When I go to email myself the logs, the file is contains nothing. So I'm wondering if this is a Samsung thing, and if so what recommendation does anyone has.


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Most of the Galaxy series are on Android 4.1 and higher, in which case the only app that can get log data is the app that logged it, not a third-party app. Hence, the right way to get crash logs is to have that be baked into your app (e.g., via ACRA) or to rely on the crash data supplied to the Play Store.

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Use aLogCat! and set its filters according to you. If you want to track error logs of an individual app, set filter to app's package name, eg. com.blah.blah .

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