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I am using DBI and DBD::Pg to connect to Postgres Database (actually RedShift in AWS). One problem I have is that I can't find a way to specify keepalive option. I can find some instruction on JDBS though. Essentially I would like to achieve to keep the connection between my client and RedShift until either side explicitly disconnects (right now it is disconnected by firewall since there is no activity when some operation takes a while).

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DBI leaves this up to the individual DBD modules, most of which don't touch this issue. I notice that DBD::Pg allows you to pass an options parameter to connect, but I can't find any documented option that seems directly relevant.

You could use this, though: DBI gives each database handle a ping method, which you can use to check if it is currently valid. The method returns 0 if the connection is invalid, non-0 otherwise.

if (!$dbh->ping) {
    #handle disconnection; in your case, reconnect?

DBD::Pg handles in particular provide some extra information with ping and pg_ping.

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