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In azure table storage is it possible to add a unique constraint on a column of a given table?

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Azure Table Storage entities don't have columns. Each entity may have properties and these properties don't need to be the same for each entity.

The only unique constraint is the combination of partition key + row key.

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There's an excellent article on Azure table storage here:


Since it only has a Row Key and a Partition Key, and the Row Key is essentially the primary key, it doesn't look like there's any other constraint you can put on it unless you build that sort of thing into your client/server which uses or exposes it.

From the article:

The Table service does not enforce any schema for tables, so two entities in the same table may have different sets of properties. Developers may choose to enforce a schema on the client side. A table may contain any number of entities.

HTH :)

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Not natively, but I do have a solution that allows you to specify NOT NULL constraints, CHECK Constraints, Foreign Keys on another Azure Table and expose a database table as an Azure Table read-only. If you are interested in learning more about these capabilities, please contact info@bluesyntax.net.

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