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Is any way to check method type in php if it is public, private or protected?

what I tried: I have class and it have methods I can put this methods in url and grt pages so I need a way if the users put the private methods in url then the user get an error page such as "Access denied"


if (method_type ('Get_user') == 'private'){
    header ("location: ./")
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possible duplicate of Checking method visibility in PHP – RC. Aug 13 '13 at 5:41
You should not confuse (or mix) access rights with the visibility of methods. Your program design should not be dependent on what users can access. ---------- For the record: it How to check if a function is public or protected in PHP – Langdi Aug 13 '13 at 5:42
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Simply use ReflectionMethods Check Link

    $reflection = new ReflectionMethod('className', $functionName);
        if ($reflection->isPublic()) {
            echo "Public method";
       if ($reflection->isPrivate()) {
            echo "Private method";
       if ($reflection->isProtected()) {
            echo "Protected method";
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try this,

$check = new ReflectionMethod('class', 'method');
    echo "public";
} elseif($check->isPrivate()){
    echo "private";
} else{
    echo "protected";
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you could use Reflection class, such as ReflectionMethod::isPrivate

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You could try using ReflectionMethod, check the following link for more info on it:

Also you might try to use is_callable but that relates to scope so it will yield a different result depending on the class you're in. You can check it out here:

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