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I want to extract json as a case class within Play application. The attributes in case class are defined in camelCase and json data comes in snake_case.

case class User(userId: Long, userName: String)

and json would be like this {"user_name":"Vishal","user_id":67}

Is there an easy way to instruct play json to automatically do the mapping and extract, like providing some annotations etc.

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This probably won't work right away, so maybe you should consider other solutions like looking for some additional library handling this.

Play uses Jackson. In Java, you can use the Jackson annotation org.codehaus.jackson.annotate.JsonProperty on your properties to set the names manually. The argument for the value parameter will be used as the key's name.

String userName;

I don't know if this also works in Play using Scala. Based on the comments in this thread about Scala and Jackson the syntax for deserialisation should be something like this:

class User @JsonCreator()( @JsonProperty("user_id") val userId:Long, @JsonProperty("user_name") val userName:String )

You can find another example of Jackson annotations in a case class in this question.

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If you're using Play 2's JSON Inception, then No. If you're not, then you can just use the @JsonProperty annotations.

I was trying to get this to work with JSON Inception for a few days using various forms and configurations of jerkson/jackson annotations with no such luck!

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