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Plone has some great add-ons, but the downloads section of is pretty difficult to sift through.

What add-ons would you say are must-haves or particularly good demonstrations of the Plone CMS?

Add each add-on as a separate answer, so they can be voted upon easily.

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PloneFormGen is a great product for collecting user data easily.

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PloneFormGen is the number one add-on I used to add to customer sites. – Reinout van Rees Nov 30 '09 at 16:07


LinguaPlone is absolutely unmissable when you are developing a multi-lingual Plone site.

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PloneLDAP (et al) is perfect example of flexibility of Plone/PAS and adaptability into existing environments. Every setup I've ever done has been integrated with either LDAP or Active Directory.

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Don't you mean – limi Sep 17 '11 at 8:43
Authentication is fine! user management not so "perfect". Try to add users of which ldap schema has some mandatory attribute that is not a string... #fail. – SauZheR Jan 25 '12 at 13:16

archetypes.schemaextender is great when you need to add an extra field or two to your content-type.

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First thing I add to a Plone buildout? mr.developer! How else would you manage package development for a new site?

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solgema.fullcalendar is a very pretty calendar. I think it has some rough edges though.

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collective.quickupload is a user friendly tool to upload multiples files/document into plone folders.

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collective.geo is the way to go if you're using maps.

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Collective.Blogging gets better with each release.

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Redirection Tool can be very useful, since cool URIs don't change. It does work with Plone 4: just add Products.RedirectionTool to the eggs list in buildout.cfg.

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ContentWellPortlets This product enables you to put portlets in places other than right and left columns

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I always use these products as developer tool.

  • iw.debug
  • ipython
  • readline
  • plone.reload
  • Products.PdbDebugMode
  • Products.DocFinderTab
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These are cool:

  • Gallery: collective.plonetruegallery
  • Drag'n'drop multi file upload: collective.quickupload
  • Easily create big menus: collective.collage.megamenu (a Collage extension)
  • Create content from RSS feeds: Products.feedfeeder

And then another issue is how to choose between add-ons that apparently do the same thing? Check out this discussion for some references:

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From the OP: Add each add-on as a separate answer, so they can be voted upon easily. – Martijn Pieters Oct 21 '12 at 13:47

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