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I'm trying to setup multiple target on a CI server (CentOS 64_x86) for automated Android app testing, which would run multiple emulator heedlessly. After extracting the latest SDK from http://dl.google.com/android/adt/adt-bundle-linux-x86_64-20130729.zip and run, android update sdk --no-ui I suppose I should have installed all existing component properly, but 2 problems found,

  1. After selected "ARM EABI v7a System Image, Android API 18" and agreed "android-sdk-license-bcbbd656", it seems installed properly but next time I update sdk it shows up again and always installable. Note that I installed them through command line where no window UI available, not sure if any difference here.. (however the emulator for API 18 is working...)

  2. Looking at the folder $SDK_PATH/system-images, only "android-18/armeabi-v7a" available, but compared to my another SDK installation on macbook, this same folder contains much richer content including whatever api available, not only API 18.

  3. I guess this difference above caused my 3rd issue (for example on API 15 which don't have a "system-images/android-18/armeabi-v7a"), when I run lator from an AVD like,

emulator -no-window -port 5554 -snapshot default -avd google_api_15

error happens

emulator: trying to load skin file '/home/abc/adt/sdk/platforms/android-15/skins/WVGA800/layout'
emulator: skin network speed: 'full'
emulator: skin network delay: 'none'
emulator: ERROR: This AVD's configuration is missing a kernel file!!

comparing to a normal output this should be

emulator: skin network speed: 'full' emulator: skin network delay: 'none' emulator: autoconfig: -kernel /home/bamboo_master/environment/adt/sdk/add-ons/addon-google_tv_addon-google-12/images/x86//kernel-qemu emulator: autoconfig: -ramdisk /home/bamboo_master/environment/adt/sdk/add-ons/addon-google_tv_addon-google-12/images/x86//ramdisk.img emulator: Using initial system image: /home/bamboo_master/environment/adt/sdk/add-ons/addon-google_tv_addon-google-12/images/x86//system.img emulator: autoconfig: -data /home/bamboo_master/.android/avd/google_api_15.avd/userdata-qemu.img emulator: autoconfig: -initdata /home/bamboo_master/.android/avd/google_api_15.avd/userdata.img emulator: autoconfig: -cache /home/bamboo_master/.android/avd/google_api_15.avd/cache.img emulator: autoconfig: -snapstorage /home/bamboo_master/.android/avd/google_api_15.avd/snapshots.img emulator: Physical RAM size: 1024MB

If my understanding is right that it's due to system-image missing, is there a way to install them? Thanks.

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Inspired by this post, I can install other system-images using

android update sdk --no-ui --all

Install android old system images (ABIs) from the command line

However I'm still testing.. : )

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