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I'm creating a very basic offline web app using a cache.manifest

But I have just under 5mb of cache downloading to do. And I am wondering if there is a way of having a popup alert that runs once when the cache download is complete?


I found this debugger which helps me debug wether I have missed anything on the manifest, don't know whether this can help in anyway?


    var cacheStatusValues = [];
    cacheStatusValues[0] = 'uncached';
    cacheStatusValues[1] = 'idle';
    cacheStatusValues[2] = 'checking';
    cacheStatusValues[3] = 'downloading';
    cacheStatusValues[4] = 'updateready';
    cacheStatusValues[5] = 'obsolete';

    var cache = window.applicationCache;
    cache.addEventListener('cached', logEvent, false);
    cache.addEventListener('checking', logEvent, false);
    cache.addEventListener('downloading', logEvent, false);
    cache.addEventListener('error', logEvent, false);
    cache.addEventListener('noupdate', logEvent, false);
    cache.addEventListener('obsolete', logEvent, false);
    cache.addEventListener('progress', logEvent, false);
    cache.addEventListener('updateready', logEvent, false);

    function logEvent(e) {
        var online, status, type, message;
        online = (navigator.onLine) ? 'yes' : 'no';
        status = cacheStatusValues[cache.status];
        type = e.type;
        message = 'online: ' + online;
        message+= ', event: ' + type;
        message+= ', status: ' + status;
        if (type == 'error' && navigator.onLine) {
            message+= ' (prolly a syntax error in manifest)';

            console.log('swap cache has been called');

    setInterval(function(){cache.update()}, 10000);

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In order to check when the cache download is complete, you are probably looking for the Cached event. It can be checked similar to the one you have above.

window.applicationCache.addEventListener('cached', function() {
    // anything you need to do for success
    alert('I'm done!');
}, false );
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