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I very new to PL SQL and I have encountered a problem. Hopefully its not too hard to solve and I'm just going about it all wrong. My problem is this: I have two tables with a different amount of columns. I need to run a check to see what the different columns are and then add them to one of the tables. For example:

Table 1 has 1 column called name.

Table 2 has 2 columns called name and id.

(name has the same data type in both tables)

In this case, I would need to run a script that will check table 1 and 2, see that table 1 is missing the 'id' column and then add it to table 1.

Is this possible?

so far I have this:


which returns the columns for both tables. I have looked everywhere on the internet with no luck at all. I have tried to do intersect and join but with no luck.

If anyone has any help or could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it so much!

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If you use "Allroundautomations pl/sql developer" IDE, than you can compare two table very easy.

Choose "Tools" and then "Compare Table_Data", select Table1 and Table2 and then click "compare" button.

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