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Jquery Toggle two function not work in jquery 1.10.1 but work's on Jquery 1.8.3


<p>For example, consider the HTML:</p>
                <div id="target">
                  Click here


$('#target').toggle(function() {
    alert('First handler for .toggle() called.');
}, function() {
    alert('Second handler for .toggle() called.');

and expmple is here

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Dude it doesn't works in jquey 1.10.1

still there is another way to do it...

$(function () {
    function first() {
       //Code for first time click goes here
        $(this).one("click", second);
    function second() {
        //Code for second time click goes here
        $(this).one("click", first);
    $("#target").one("click", first);
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jQuery.toggle has been deprecated since version 1.8 and removed sometime later. You can write your own implementation instead:

function handler1() {
    alert("first handler for .toggle() called.");
    $(this).one("click", handler2);
function handler2() {
    alert("second handler for .toggle() called.");
    $(this).one("click", handler1);
$("#target").one("click", handler1);


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DEMO jQuery 2.x (edge)

use this clickToggle plugin as toggle function is removed from version 1.9

(function ($) {
    $.fn.clickToggle = function (func1, func2) {
        var funcs = [func1, func2];'toggleclicked', 0); () {
            var data = $(this).data();
            var tc = data.toggleclicked;
            $.proxy(funcs[tc], this)();
            data.toggleclicked = (tc + 1) % 2;
        return this;
$('#target').clickToggle(function () {
    alert('First handler for .toggle() called.');
}, function () {
    alert('Second handler for .toggle() called.');
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This format was removed in version 1.9, so you cannot use it - if you want this logic can be manually implemented or you can make use of the migration plugin

to include the migration plugin, after the inclusion of jQuery library add

<script src=""></script>
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any other function for use this –  Malde Chavda Aug 13 '13 at 10:01

It was removed in jQuery 1.9:

This is the "click an element to run the specified functions" signature of .toggle(). It should not be confused with the "change the visibility of an element" of .toggle() which is not deprecated. The former is being removed to reduce confusion and improve the potential for modularity in the library. The jQuery Migrate plugin can be used to restore the functionality.

Complete upgrade guide:

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Here is a generic method, with multiple functions to toggle:

var toggleFunctions = [
    function () { /* do something */},
    function () { /* do something else */},
    function () { /* do some other stuff*/}

$("#target").on("click", function(){
    // returns first function from array
    var currentFunction = toggleFunctions.shift(); 
    // executes the function
    // pushes current function to the back
    toggleFunctions [] = currentFunction; 
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