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My question is similar to an existing question.

I created a service (CoffeeScript)

dpmp.factory 'Keyword', ($resource) ->
  $resource '/keywords:id', {}, {query: {method: 'GET', isArray: false}}

which gets the right http response,

{"title":"sysomos","subtitle":"Top keywords by mentions","unit":"times","data":[{"category":"partager","quantity":9753},{"category":"keyword1","quantity":6352},{"category":"keyword2","quantity":6311},{"category":"keyword3","quantity":2983},{"category":"keyword4","quantity":10}]}

I want to get data out of the resource in the controller, i.e.

$scope.keywords = Keyword.get()

But this code does not work. When I do


I get functions, instead of the data, back. The data is also already there, but I cannot get the data out:

> Resource {$get: function, $save: function, $query: function, $remove: function, $delete: function}
  > data: Array[5]
    subtitle: "Top keywords by mentions"
    title: "sysomos"
    unit: "times"
  > __proto__: Resource

For example, console.log($ returns undefined.

Any solution? Or can you give me an idea what is going on here?

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The question you linked to answers your question. – Stephen Aug 13 '13 at 10:05

Try the below

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this just works. Although it works, I am not clear why I do not have access to the data object though I already have the data with $scope.keywords = Keyword.query(). I can see the data on my Chrome console! In theory, we should be able to do $scope.keywords = Keyword.query(), then $scope.$watch "keywords" -> doSomething(), right? – taro Aug 13 '13 at 11:17
since resource is asyncronous so immediately if you do console.log you will get undefined – Ajay Beniwal Aug 13 '13 at 11:37

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