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In a Symfony2 application I have a MainBundle and distinct bundles which can be enabled or not. In the MainBundle I need to have the Model and a basic Entity. In an OtherBundle an Entity with the same table name than Entity in MainBundle.

Fixtures in MainBundle need to be loaded with or without the other bundles than MainBundle :

- Model 
- Entity (Table name "test")
- Fixtures 

- Entity (Table name "test")
- Fixtures

- Entity (Table name="test")
- Fixtures

If i used the @ORM\MappedSuperclass for the Model, a @ORM\Entity for the Entity in MainBundle and @ORM\Entity in OtherBundle then Doctrine2 stop with the error "table already exists".

I cant use the Inheritance table as my model dont need to know about other entities in the other bundles. The @ORM\DiscriminatorMap cant point to OtherBundle.

Is there a way to do this ?

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This link shows how to make dynamic relations between entities in different bundle. I dont need to link entities from different bundle. I want to have same entity name and table in different bundles. –  Thibaut Aug 14 '13 at 8:22

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