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I've recently picked up Codeigniter as a fun little side project, now I'm trying to make my routes to be as follows;


should translate into


I do it in routes in config like so;

$route['c/:any'] = "c/show/$1";

However, the ID is simply passed as plaintext, which means the ID passed to my show() function is $1, and not whatever ID is set to.

Am I going about this wrong? I've simply looked around in their documentation and even tried copy&replace to make sure it's not something that I typed wrong.

Now I fear I might have missunderstood something but I cannot phatom what that could be.

Really grateful for any and all help!

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":any" should be in brackets, like this:

$route['c/(:any)'] = "c/show/$1";

Btw if ID is numeric, it's better to use:

$route['c/(:num)'] = "c/show/$1";
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Doh. Boy do I feel stupid now. Thanks nonetheless – Hultin Aug 13 '13 at 11:08

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