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I'm currently having terrible Problems with SQL, I am trying to calculate certain values, similiar to the ex. below:

SELECT Sum(OrdersAchieved)/ Sum(SaleOpportunities) as CalculatedValue
        SELECT Count(OT.SalesOpportunity) AS SaleOpportunities
               Count(VK.Orders) AS OrdersAchieved
        FROM fact_VertriebKalkulation VK
     ) AS A

Sadly every number that takes place in the calculation, is only shown as the last rounded number! say: 3/4 gives me 0, and 4/4 = 1, 8/4 = 2, and so on. While trying to find out what the Problem could be, i found that even the following seems to do the same Thing!

select 2/7 as Value

Gives Out = 0!!! so i tried this

select convert(float,2/7) as  Value

and it's the same Thing! What can i do, has anybody ever seen something like this? or does somebody know the Answer to my Question? Thanks a lot for your help in advance

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select 2/7 as Value

...using two integers means integer division, which is correct as 0.

select 2.0/7 as Value

...using at least one floating point type gives 0.285714 which is what you seem to be looking for.

In other words, cast either of the operands to float, and the division will give the result you want;

select convert(float,2)/7 as  Value

If you cast after the division is already done as an integer division, you'll only be casting the resulting 0.

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Try to convert both values before dividing

select convert(float,2)/convert(float,7) as  Value

or one of them

select convert(float,2)/7 as  Value

select 2/convert(float,7) as  Value
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You can try this

select convert(float,2)/7 as  Value

OR this

select 2/convert(float,7) as  Value
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