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What kind of projects or applications follows nightly build concept and Why?

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Builds can interrupt work that others are doing so nightly builds are useful when other developers need to access the system. Take a couple of examples:

  • Database system - if we need to update it or anything and someone else needs to use it at the same time
  • If you're using an API as a team, while the API is being updated colleagues whose code depends on calling that API will encounter issues during that build

The build is at night when people aren't at work so it won't disrupt anything. The build is every night so that it stays up to date. Also, if you do it every night then people who rely on your API or webservice or whatever to do their job act as Quality Assurance; your colleagues will find bugs before it's released to the general public. Having an end-user find the bugs is much more embarrassing... I would know...

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