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I have a property in my Model Class like-

        public string Price{ get; set; }

As you can see I have Used StringLength as a constraint for this property that its length should not be more than 4 but it works when I use decimal point like-1.23 but when I don use decimal point It takes more than 4 stringlength value.

how can I resolve that.

And one more Question:- I want to apply validation on Hours(Property in my model class) that it is if it in decimal than it can take upto 2 digits (Max value for hour can be 24 only in a day) like(4.20) and if it doesnt have decimal it can have max upto 2 digits like(24)

I hope I am clear

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If you want to store decimal value, you should use decimal type and not string. You can constraint maximum value allowed by using the RangeAttribute

[Range(0, 9999)] // First argument (0) represents minimum and second argument (9999) represents maximum value allowed for Price.
public decimal Price { get; set; }

For your other question related to hours, you can use data type TimeSpan which lets you store only time value. You should always strive to use a right type for the data you want to store to insure data integrity and easy maintanence.

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