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I would like to export some charts made by ExtJs in PDF using TCPDF. I'm processing like that for passing html code to TCPDF:

var activeTabId = Ext.getCmp('tabs')
            , activeTab = Ext.getCmp('tabs').activeTab
            , svgHtml = '@<svg version="1.1" style="width: 700px; height: 400px;" xmlns="">'
            , html=''
            , svg = $("#"+activeTabId+" svg")
            , svgArray=[];

            html+= svgHtml+svg.html()+'</svg>';

        svgJSON = JSON.stringify(svgArray);

        $.post('tcpdf/examples/example_058.php', { svg : svgJSON }, function(data){

And then i'm using the examples 058 which draw svg image. Here's the code :

$svg = isset($_POST['svg'])?json_decode($_POST['svg']):NULL;
$yDepart = 30;
$svgHeight = 200;
echo '{ svgLength :'.count($svg).'}';
    $pdf->AddPage('P', $page_format, false, false);
    $pdf->ImageSVG($svg[$i], $x=0, $y=$yDepart, $w=350.0, $h=400.0, $link='', $align='M', $palign='C', $border=0, $fitonpage=true);

The problem is that the Output PDF contains the same duplicated chart. Thank you for reading.

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I found the mistake :

Here's the problematic code :

            html+= svgHtml+svg.html()+'</svg>';

I changed it by this one :

    html+= svgHtml+$(this).html()+'</svg>';
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