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I'm trying to use Docker's Remote API via nodejs docker.io library but I just can't find the right syntax how to bind directories.

I'm currently using this code:

docker.containers.start(cId, { Binds: ['/tmp:/tmp'] }, function(err, container)...

It starts container but when I inspect it doesn't show anything in Volumes.

Docker's Remote API documentation is lacking when it comes to syntax so I'm hoping somebody here knows the correct syntax.

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I finally got it working. It seems you also need to create Volumes when you create the container. Here's the proper syntax:

the first API call to /container/create should include:

    "Volumes": { "/container/path": {} }

Then when starting a container (POST /containers//start), use the "Binds" option:

    "Binds": [ "/host/path:/container/path:rw" ]

source: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/docker-club/GrFQ3F1rqU4/3ZC5QoNkSAAJ

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For any future visitors, If the folder is already persistent in the container, it just does not mount it –  Mustafa Oct 29 '13 at 16:41
Thanks guys, you're way more helpful than docs :) –  Jon Packer Apr 22 at 14:04

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