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I need to know how to get a handle of a newly created process in C/C++ code. I don't know much about all those Microsoft libraries and I've just read about 2 ways to create a process. First is via ShellExcecute call and the second via CreateProcess but none of these retern a HANDLE. I need to know a handle of the process because I want the main thread to wait for process to finish before it continues. Best of all I'd like if someone help me write a function which looks like this:

HANDLE create_process(/*parameters same as for ShellExecute*/)

Please help.

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CreateProcess() returns a PROCESS_INFORMATION structure which contains the process handle. See here and here.

Whilst ShellExecute() does not give you the information that you need, ShellExecuteEx() returns the process handle in the SHELLEXECUTEINFO structure. See here and here.

I would suggest that you look at the MSDN documentation for the API functions that you're using as it's very useful.

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CreateProcess returns the handle to the process in PROCESS_INFORMATION.

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