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What is the correct process for having logrotate manage files written to by the python logging module? Usually I would use a WatchedFileHandler but I need to target 2.4, which does not have this class. Is there a function in the logging module which i can attach to a HUP handler, perhaps, to have it reopen the logfile?

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I would advise that you copy the source of WatchedFileHandler from a later version and adapt it, if needed, so that it works on 2.4.

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For those of you who want to do thi, it is in Lib/logging/ I ended up just using TimedRoatingFieHandler and having python do the rotation for me. –  James Bennet Aug 14 '13 at 9:31

The logrotate utility needs to be told which files to rotate, and with what options. You might want to override the standard WatchedFileHandler class to make entries required in /etc/logrotate.d as part of your module load sequence before logging begins.

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